How to disable SSH timeout

If you are experiencing ssh connection timeout to your VPS if there’s no input after a few minutes, the following tips will help you keep your connection alive.

Method 1 (from client)

This method is the way to go if you have no administrator access to the server you are connecting to.


Edit file ‘/etc/ssh/ssh_config‘ and set ‘ServerAliveInterval‘ option to the following:

ServerAliveInterval 120


Just create the file ‘~/.ssh/config‘ and add the following:

Host *
    ServerAliveInterval 120

This option is to tell your SSH client to automatically send the keep alive message every 100 seconds to the SSH server.

Method 2 (from server)

If you have administrator access to the server, you can edit file ‘/etc/ssh/sshd_config‘ and set following options like so:

ClientAliveInterval 30
TCPKeepAlive yes 
ClientAliveCountMax 99999

Restart the SSH server for the changes to take effect.

service sshd restart