Creating SFTP connection in Aptana Studio 3

In Project Explorer, right-click > New > Web Project.
Create new web project

In the New Web Project window select Default Project and click Next.
New Web Project

Give it a name and click Finish.
Name the project

Expand your new Web Project and right-click on ‘Connections‘ and select ‘Add New Connection…‘.
Add New Connection

In the ‘Connection Manager‘ window enter the name for your connection in the ‘Name‘ box. Under ‘Destination‘ click on ‘New…‘.

In the ‘New Connection‘ window enter the ‘Site Name‘, select ‘SFTP‘ in ‘Protocol‘. Under ‘Remote Info‘ enter the access information for your server (domain, username, password). You can click the ‘Test‘ button to test the connection, then click ‘OK‘ to create the new connection.
New Connection

To connect to remote host, right-click on it and click ‘Connect‘.